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  1. General
  2. Fetching landmark data
  3. Adding User points
  4. Deleting User points
  5. Android Example code
  6. List of subclasses


API key

All API calls require an API key, which is used to identify the source of all requests.

Contact us at to get your own API key. You can use the rate-limited example key (EXAMPLE_KEY_3edaba1953abf86) for kicking the tires.


HTTP response code is used for signaling errors.

Fetching landmark data



Get the N nearest landmarks for a given location. May also include user points.





    "count": 10,
    "landmarks": [{
        "ccode": "NG",
        "dist": 0.0,
        "id": "xyz12ds23"
        "lat": 6.4304,
        "lon": 3.4293,
        "name1": "My Own Point",
        "name2": "Victoria Island",
        "name3": "Lagos City",
        "class": "U_mod",
        "subclass": "" },
    }, {
        "ccode": "NG",
        "dist": 0.0112840759427,
        "id": "4lfew4sd"
        "lat": 6.43047809601,
        "lon": 3.42936515808,
        "name1": "Protea Victoria Island Hotel",
        "name2": "Victoria Island",
        "name3": "Lagos City",
        "class": "P",
        "subclass": "AC-h",
    }, {
    { ...

The response includes closest N points to given coordinates, also public user added points added by your users. If user_id is used, the response will also include private/in-moderation points by this user if applicable.

Adding User points




These should be included in the POST body, in JSON format.

Parameters example

   "name":"My own point",

Example using curl

curl -d '{ "user_id": "TEST_USER", "lat": 6.4304,
"lon": 3.4293, "api_key": "EXAMPLE_KEY_3edaba1953abf86", "name": "My own point",
"public": true }'

(Note: The command should be ran as a single line)


Returns the newly added point data in similar format as landmarks in GET: /json.

    "ccode": "NG",
    "dist": 0.0,
    "lat": 6.4304,
    "lon": 3.4293,
    "name1": "My Own Point",
    "name2": "Victoria Island",
    "name3": "Lagos City",
    "class": "U_mod",
    "id": "xyz12ds23",
    "subclass": ""

Deleting User points



Deletes a private user point



There is no data in the response, check the HTTP response code for results:

Example using curl


Android Example code

An example Android client that uses the Landmark API is available on GitHub:

List of subclasses

Note: These are only valid when class is 'P'

Example: all hotels are listed as 'AC-h': Accommodations that do not fit into any of the subclasses 'AC-?' have plain 'AC' subclass.

AC Accommodation  
AC-a Accommodation, Apartelle  
AC-h Accommodation, Hotel  
AC-l Accommodation, Lodge  
AC-m Accommodation, Motel  
AC-p Accommodation, Pension  
AC-r Accommodation, Resort  
BA Bank  
BR Bridge  
BU Building  
CA Cafeteria  
CE Cemetery & Memorial Park  
CI Cinema & Theater  
CO Convenience Store  
CS Car Service  
DR Drugstore  
ED Education  
ED-c Education, College  
ED-e Education, Elementary  
ED-h Education, High School  
ED-p Education, Pre-School  
ED-u Education, University  
EM Embassy & Consulate  
EN Entertainment  
EN-b Entertainment, Bar  
EN-c Entertainment, Club  
EN-d Entertainment, Disco  
EN-p Entertainment, Pub  
FA Fast Food  
GA Gas Station  
GO Government  
HE Health  
MA Market  
MP Manufacturing & production  
MU Museum & Library  
PI Place of Interest  
PL Plaza & Square  
PO Post Office  
PR Park  
RE Religion  
RE-c Religion, Christian  
RE-i Religion, Islamic  
RS Restaurant  
RS-a Restaurant, International  
RS-c Restaurant, Chinese  
RS-d Restaurant, Indian  
RS-e Restaurant, Seafood  
RS-f Restaurant, French  
RS-i Restaurant, Italian  
RS-j Restaurant, Japanese  
RS-k Restaurant, Korean  
RS-m Restaurant, Mexican  
RS-n Restaurant, Vietnamese  
RS-s Restaurant, Spanish  
RS-t Restaurant, Thai  
RS-v Restaurant, Vegetarian  
RT Restriction  
RT-c Check Point  
RT-g Gate  
RT-t Tollgate  
SA Safety  
SA-f Safety, Fire  
SA-m Safety, Military  
SA-p Safety, Police  
SD Subdivision  
SH Shopping Center  
SH-m Shopping Center, Mall  
SH-s Shopping Center, Department Store  
SP Sport  
ST Street & Road  
SU Supermarket  
TR Transportation  
TR-a Transportation, Airport  
TR-b Transportation, Bus  
TR-h Transportation, Harbor  
TR-m Transportation, Metro  

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